Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hopefully he will lose his trading license

Nice to see I have had so many page views this past month. I really didn't think anyone looks at it anymore since it's over. Which it is. I'm finally over him. He is such a bad person. He was caught by his client stealing lying and doing unauthorized trades. She has lawyers involved. She is trying to get his license revoked. I told her I had proof of someone else who made the exact same complaint. Not sure how that information could help... but he is going down down down. He is taking advantage of men and women in their 80's. What a lowlife SCUMBAG! Thank GOD I got away from him and got over him. In a year from now, my boyfriend will be able to adopt my daughter and he will be out of our lives for good. He is toxic. I feel sorry for the loser. He could end up in jail too.
Oh and apparently everyone in his old networking group knows about me and my daughter and everyone in his town. Except his daughters of course... because they will "never know" right? ha ha. What a fuckin joke.
Here is a picture of my little cutie brushing her teeth. 

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